TESCO Direct’s Back to School sale 2018

All you need to know about Tesco Direct’s Back to School deals & discounts

Tesco Direct is one of the largest one-stop-shops in the world, where you can find anything from groceries to clothing and from electronics to SIM cards. Shop the Back to School sale to get some create savings on school wears, stationery and electronics. This year Tesco Direct offer massive discounts on school uniforms, backpacks, school bags and sportswear. And best of all, Tesco Direct’s deals get only hotter as we get closer to the Back to School sales. Check At Back-to-School.deals regularly, to discover the the best discounts and promotions available at any given time.

Give your child the best start of the new school year with Tesco Direct’s Back to School range.  A great way to find those Tesco Direct discounts is by preparing a shopping list. If you are not sure where to start or what to buy, be sure to check our Back to School tips on how to get things organised.

What deals can I expect on Back to School at Tesco Direct?

In the 2017 Back to School sale, Tesco Direct had loads of discounts on backpacks, school bags, polo shirts, shoes, sportswear adjustable waist skirts, laptops and tablets. Their embroidery service was also very popular. The Back to School sale in 2018 will probably have the same kind of discounts.

When is Back to School at Tesco Direct in 2018?

Tesco Direct’s Back to School sale has already started and will run until the end of August. Don’t miss out on any bargains and visit Tesco Direct today!

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Tesco Back to School Countdown

Even though it’s not Back to School, can I still save money at Tesco Direct?

You can always save at Tesco Direct! The store offers you plenty of deals and discounts throughout the year. Here are some of their current deals.

1. Nab some extra savings by using Tesco Direct coupons.

2. Shop on Tesco Direct and save up to 25% on selected garden furniture and 50% on F&F Clothing among other deals.

3. Save up to 25% on selected garden furniture and 50% on F&F Clothing

4. Grab a bargain when you shop in the Tesco Direct clearance sale.

What kind of products does Tesco offer throughout the year to its customers?

Offers on Tesco are on an overdrive all through the year. They cut through a wide range of products including kids clothing, babies wear, stationery, gaming, furniture, party essentials, home decorations and most definitely, supplies for school! Tesco is renowned for being super savvy when it comes to periodically upgrading deals on each and every category and offering exciting deals to customers all around the year. Keep visiting Tesco.com for a variety of exciting deals. Also sign up for our weekly newsletters to get handy coupons delivered straight into your mailbox.

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What you can expect at Tesco on Back to School:

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What were the best Tesco Direct Back to School deals in 2017:

  • School uniforms (girls and boys)
  • Backpacks
  • Kids’ stationery
  • Laptops and tablets
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