ASDA´s Back to School sale 2018

All you need to know about ASDA’s Back to School deals & discounts

ASDA is the third biggest supermarket chain in Britain. They carry a wide range of products from groceries, clothing, electricals and appliances, and most importantly school supplies. During the Back to School sale, ASDA offer discounts on stationery, bags, lunchboxes and school uniforms. With new Back to School deals and discounts appearing every day, be sure to check their website regularly.

How can I get the best savings on Back to School at ASDA?

ASDA´s promotions are usually focused on price. The most convenient way to check what Back to School deals ASDA are offering, is by going to their website . Even before the special sale starts, ASDA has a special School section for anything your kids require and desire. If you are looking for schoolwear, the store has a measuring guide to help you find the perfect fit. Best of all, they grant a 100-day satisfaction guarantee for all clothing. Plus,  refunds or exchanges for other products are available if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

What deals can I expect on Back to School at ASDA?

During previous years, ASDA promoted a wide range of school supplies, such as uniforms, shoes, backpacks, lunch boxes and stationery. In 2016, they had basic school clothes starting from just £2, plus a 20% discount on leather shoes. We are expecting similar offers in 2018, along with bigger savings on popular shirts and trousers, tasty snacks and fizzy drinks, and more.

When is Back to School at ASDA in 2018?

The Back to School sale at ASDA will start at the end of July and will run until the end of August.

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ASDA Back to School Countdown

Even though it’s not Back to School, can I still save money at ASDA?

Of course, you can! Throughout the year, ASDA have great opportunities for you to save some extra cash.
The best way to save money is by using coupons, which you can find on portals such as the DailyMail;
Discover what school supplies they currently have on offer, and find other special promotions here.

What kind of products does ASDA offer throughout the year to its customers?

ASDA does not just offer school products, but also food, drinks, home appliances, electronics, and more. Find special offers across the departments on the ASDA website. However, if you are looking for school materials only, check their website, which offers school supplies throughout the year. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with the best discounts, and to receive free ASDA coupons.

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ASDA Fast Facts

What to expect in ASDA’s Back to School sale 2018:

  1. Scale: Up to 20% off school supplies.
  2. Deal categories: Uniforms, lunchboxes, bags and stationery.
  3. Offer dates 2018: Last week of July 2018 until September 2018.
  4. Other saving options: ASDA have a section with special offers. You can also save loads with ASDA coupons.

What were the best ASDA Back to School deals in 2016:

  • Basic schoolwear from £2;
  • 20% of discount on leather shoes;
  • Buy 2 short sleeve non-iron shirts from £4.
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