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When does my school start?

Sadly, there is no definitive answer for when your school will start. Since the term dates vary across the country, students from different parts of UK will start according to their region. Most of the schools will start at the end of August or the beginning of September.
Find out when your school starts in your region by clicking here. Simply enter your postcode and click Find to discover your school term and holiday calendar.

All you need to know about Back to School in the UK

Welcome to UK, where our mission is to share saving tips and deals so you can have a well-prepared start of the new school year. We have gathered all available Back to School deals and offers, as well as all available information on the stores before the school starts. During the Back to School sale, stores have discounts across their departments. Parents and students who are looking for a great start of school can grab bargains on school uniforms, supplies, stationery products and technology accessories.

What is Back to School?

It’s that time of year when parents and students start shopping for the necessary supplies to carry them through the upcoming school year. During this time you can find phenomenal deals on uniforms, stationary, packs and more in 100s of shops. School start dates vary anywhere from late August to early September, so it’s best to be on your game and shop as soon as possible. For everyone seeking a bargain, the top offers to date are on uniforms, phone accessories, and other electrical education tools. Why wait until the last minute? Now is the chance to nab these discounts and pay as little as possible for all your school year needs.

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All information and deals before and on Back to School is all about how to best save and shop during this sales period. We have collected the latest deals and best offers around, so you can get the best start of school as possible. Check out the latest offers below and grab the best bargains around, all from the comfort of your own home.

Top 15 stores – Back to School UK

H&M back to school
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When do the Back to School sales start?

The Back to School sales starts just before classes begin. The sales usually take place in mid-July until September.
When do the school classes start? That really depends on which region you are in. Click here to check the date for your region.

What are the Back to School offers?

Sometimes, Back to School is not directly related to discounts, but more about advertising campaigns. So, search in different places to find the best prices, and stay tuned for promotions. We, from, will bring the best offers for you.

Fashion & hairstyle for coming back to school

It is all about how you can present yourself, your style and what you love. In we love simple denim jeans and skirts because they are never behind trends. Simple, comfortable and confident, your style will blend in and become part of you and part of in-store on shelves, it is never old. WE LOVE WHAT WE LOVE.
Want to style your own hair for the first day of school? Find out the 15 simple hairstyles for Back to School and hairstyles you can complete in 5 minutes on Back to School.

Find the best Back to School brands in UK

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Extra – Back to School

Back to School Activities


Are you the newbie in school? Or have your former classmates been placed in a different class, making you the noob in real life. What are the best Back to School activities to break the ice? Get to know each other on the first day of class with these activities or find out what teach hub thinks are the other top 7 activities students love.

Back to school Meme & Quotes


“This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change” Turner, J. 2016
“Back to School to prove to papa that I am not a fool.” Grasso, C. 2015
Back to school meme and quotes are part of the popular topics among pupils and young adults before the school begins. So why not collect the best funny ones and share with your friends and classmates to have a great start of the year and day.