Woolworths Back to School 2019

All you need to know about Woolworths’ Back to School deals & discounts

Woolworths is one of the most extensive supermarkets in Australia. Aside from general groceries, Woolworths is known for its health and beauty products, electronics, stationery as well as clothes for women, men, and children. It’s also well-known for insurance and phone plans. For Back to School, Woolworths has a range of what it calls essentials which mainly consists of school stationery such as A4 exercise books, folders, pens and pencils, scientific calculators, labeling machines, and drinking jugs, as well as a variety of Back to School snacks which are ideal for school lunches. What does Woolworths promote on back to school? We have discovered that Woolworths mainly discounts pens, pins, binders, glue sticks and book covers.

How can I get the best savings on Back To School at Woolworths?

Woolworths is one of the best places you can get all the stationery you need in one go. Have a look here at their Back to School stationery and accessory products, and look here at their school lunch products. Customers also have the option to save with the free delivery service until the 18th June when they spend more than $50 on their order. Alternatively, customers can also save through Woolworths’ delivery saver.

When is Back to School at Woolworths in 2019?

The Back to School promotion will kick off in the beginning of January until early February.

What deals can I expect on Back to School at Woolworths?

In 2017, Woolworths had a number of discounts, including half price on selected Faber-Castell products, such as glue sticks, erasers, pencils and colouring pencils, and up to 20% off on A4 exercise books. In 2019 we are expecting similar discounts. There may also be discounts on Sharpie pens, photocopy paper, and Bic pens.

Even though it’s not Back to School, can I still save money at Woolworths?

Yes, most definitely. Woolworths always has a variety of deals available and alternative options to save money.

  • Woolworths always have some products available at half-price.
  • Woolworths also offer the chance to save with their rewards scheme. These include discounts on fuel, members-only deals, Qantas Points and other savings.
  • Woolworths employees can also benefit from a 5% discount when they spend $5 or more.
  • Or use Woolworths voucher at CupoNation Australia.

What kind of products does Woolworths offer throughout the year to its customers?

Woolworths are always updating their catalogue which features a range of deals at half-price or at reduced prices on all their products from groceries, health and beauty items to household items, such as electronics and clothing. Though bear in mind that the catalogues may be different depending on what part of Australia you live in. Woolworths also hold a variety of competitions which you can see here.

Our best handpicked Back to School deals

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Woolworths’s Fast Facts

What you can expect at Woolworths on Back to School:

  1. Scale: A variety of items reduced including many at half-price.
  2. Deal categories: Stationery and snacks ideal for kids school lunches.
  3. Offer dates 2019: Beginning of January
  4. Other saving options: half-price, catalogue, rewards and free delivery until the 18th June.

What were the best Woolworths Back to School deals in 2017

  • A4 exercise books
  • Pens (particularly Sharpie) and pencils, in black and blue, as well as coloured pencils
  • Binders and folders
  • Scientific calculators and labelling machines
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