Microsoft Back to School 2019

All you need to know about Microsoft’s Back to School deals & discounts

Microsoft is one of the world’s largest computer companies specialising in both software and hardware. Its products range from operating systems such as Windows, Microsoft Word, and Excel, as well as smartphones such as the Windows Phone, PCs and tablets. Microsoft has a number of products which are essential for Back to School, most importantly Microsoft Word, which is available from purchasing Office 365. What does Microsoft promote on Back to School? We have discovered that Microsoft has up to 10% off on selected devices for students, parents, and teachers when they shop online at the Microsoft store.

How can I get the best savings on Back To School at Microsoft?

Microsoft is one of the best places you can shop for hardware, such as the new Surface range and promotes a range of products specifically for students. Students and teachers from selected schools are also able to obtain Office 365, which includes, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, for free. Check here if your school is eligible. Delivery from Microsoft is also completely free.

When is Back to School at Microsoft in 2019?

The Back to School sales at Microsoft will kick-off in January 2019.

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What deals can I expect on Back to School at Microsoft?

In 2017, Microsoft had huge discounts on Office 365, both home and student versions. In 2019 we are expecting similar discounts and offers. However, there may be more saving to be made with free applications from Microsoft than products, especially for education and editing software.

Even though it’s not, can I still save money at Microsoft?

Yes, you can. Microsoft has numerous offers throughout the year.

  • There are a variety of laptops currently on sale.
  • Microsoft also offers Tax Time Deals which include up to $400 off selected PCs and a free messenger bag with others.
  • Savings can also be made on Xbox games too.
  • Or use Microsoft voucher at CupoNation Australia.

What kind of products does Microsoft offer throughout the year to its customers?

Microsoft offers different types of gift cards for Windows products, Xbox games, and Skype. There is also a wide selection of free educational apps which can be downloaded. Microsoft also runs the Shape the Future program, where primary and secondary schools can purchase devices with discounted Windows licenses.

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What you can expect at Microsoft on Back to School:

  1. Scale: Up to 10% off for students on selected products.
  2. Deal categories: Laptops, tablets, word, and data processing software.
  3. Offer dates 2019: Starting in January 2019
  4. Other saving options: laptops, Xbox games and Tax Time Deals.

What were the best Microsoft Back to School deals in 2017

  • Laptops
  • Office 365 at selected schools
  • Xbox games
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