Ebay Back to School 2019

All you need to know about Ebay’s Back to School deals & discounts

eBay is a global auction website, where consumers can buy and sell almost every kind of product imaginable. However, many people don’t know that eBay is more than a place to sell your unwanted items. Many well-known brands run their own eBay outlets, so eBay can also be a great place to pick up a bargain on new products, instead of buying in a regular store. Back to School is an annual shopping sale held to welcome in the new school year. In Australia, Back to School is held throughout the month of January, before school starts in late January and early February. It is a great opportunity for parents and school children to buy all of their school essentials at knockdown prices.

How can I get the best savings in the Back to School sale at Ebay?

eBay has two main shopping formats: auction and Buy It Now. In auction listings you can bid the price you are willing to pay for an item, and if yours is the highest bid, you will win the auction and buy the item. For Buy It Now listings, the price is fixed and you just pay that amount. There is no auction involved so you can definitely buy the item without waiting. You can find everything you’ll need for school on eBay, including stationery, bags and lunch boxes, clothes and shoes. To get the best savings during the Back to School sale, we recommend setting up an eBay account now, if you don’t already have one, so you can shop more quickly and easily. You can also create a Watch List to keep an eye on products that you are hoping to purchase. When you search for an item on eBay, don’t forget to enter your postcode in the box on the right so you can see accurate postage costs to your address in the search results. In this way you can reduce postage costs during the Back to School sale.

When is Back to School at Ebay in 2019?

The Back to School sale is held before the start of the new school year. In Australia the school year begins in late January and early February. The Back to School sale is held throughout the month of January to give parents and school children the chance to stock up on all the essential items for school. We expect retailers on eBay to sell products at reduced prices for the whole month of January, with different deals available on different days. Click here to find out more about Back to School dates 2019.

Other top Back to School retailers

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What deals can I expect in the Back to School sale at Ebay?

Many retailers who sell on eBay will reduce prices during the Back to School sale. Products on sale will include school uniforms and school shoes, stationery items and art supplies, school bags and lunch boxes. You will be able to kit out your children for school by buying everything on eBay. For example, the clothing retailer Target runs its own eBay store, with prices as low as $4 for a short-sleeved school shirt. It also offers free shipping on orders over $80. Tech items will also be on sale, because many parents want to buy their children a phone or tablet for school. So the Back to School period is also a great time to pick up a new gadget. We expect to see many more deals like this announced during the Back to School sale on eBay.

Even though it’s not Back to School, can I still save money at Ebay?

Yes, you can! Read these simple tips below and find out how to save money at eBay on any day of the year.

  • Check the eBay Daily Deals page which showcases different special offers every day.
  • Spend less with discount coupons from websites such as CupoNation.
  • Go to the eBay Stores page and search for your favourite retailer. Many of the larger retailers on eBay have their own Sale page.
  • Check that your item is covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee. This protects you from scammers by promising your money back if the transaction is not fulfilled by the seller.

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What were the best Ebay Back to School deals in 2017?

Many retailers with their own eBay stores reduced prices last January.

  • LG V20 mobile phone reduced from $999 to $775 at Shopping Square eBay
  • Lenovo ThinkCentre M700 Desktop PC with Samsung Monitor at only $828 delivered
  • 10% off eBay Aussie Sellers in selected categories including Clothing, Shoes and Accessories
  • Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Pentium laptop at only $320, perfect for school students, delivered at Dell eBay
People buying during Back to School
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