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All you need to know about Back to School in Australia

Back to School is an annual shopping sale held at the end of the summer holidays before the school year begins. In Australia, Back to School takes place in August, to help get parents and children ready for the new school year at the end of July and beginning of August.


Many retailers hold a month-long sale, where you can pick up all your Back to School essentials at discounted prices. Products on sale typically include all kinds of stationery, such as exercise books, pencils and pens, and mathematics equipment. You will find everything you need for school at the Back to School sale. School shoes are included in the sale, so if you are a parent, this is the perfect time to stock up on shoes for your son or daughter. Other products sold at knockdown prices in August are bags for school, including lunch boxes and cooler bags. Tech items such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets are also sold at reduced prices, so the Back to School sale is the perfect time to pick up a new gadget after Christmas.


Back to School is held both in stores and online. With many parents already back at work in August after the Christmas break, it is often easier to shop online. You can get everything you need for school without leaving the comfort of your sofa.

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When does my school start?

There is not a definite answer for the school starting dates. Every state has its own semester calendar. Most of the schools starts late july and beginning of August.

Check the back to school sale dates here.

States Sem. 1 Sem. 2
ACT 27.01 17.07
NSW 30.01 for East NSW
06.02 for West NSW
Tuesday 18.07
SA 30.01 24.07
QLD 23.01 10.07
NT 30.01 for Urban schools
31.01 for Remote schools
WA 01.02 17.07
VIC 30.01 17.07
TAS 08.02 24.07

When does my school start?

In Australia not all schools go back on the same date. The date your school year starts depends on which state you live in. Most schools start between late July and early August. We recommend you to check the dates for your school first, so you can plan to do all your preparations at the Back to School sale before the beginning of term.

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Top 15 stores – Back to School AU

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Back to School Sales

Every year in August, Australian retailers drop their prices on all things school-related. The most common products sold at discount are stationery items. Every school child needs new stationery for the new school year. Parents and children can shop the sale together and pick up some great deals on pens, pencils, pencil cases, erasers and rulers, exercise books, and more. Once you have all the stationery to last the whole school year, you can pick up other school items at bargain prices. After all, which kid doesn’t want a new school bag and lunchbox? Children grow out of clothes and shoes very quickly. Fortunately, these items are also included in the Back to School sale. All of these products for school are at their lowest prices during the Back to School sale, so it’s a great time to make bulk purchases and stock up on everything your child will need for the school year.

What are the Back to School offers?

Most of the Back to School offers are on products to prepare children for school. This includes stationery, exercise books, lunch boxes and bags, and school uniforms. If your child likes doing art and craft activities, the Back to School sale is a great opportunity to pick up a bargain or two on art supplies such as paint, paper, pastels, glue and more. Many parents now buy their children gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets or laptops, ready to go back to school. Because of this, tech gadgets are also included in the Back to School sale. Office supplies and equipment are also often on sale, so you can also stock up for your office. Instead of just shopping for school, the Back to School sale is the ideal time to buy products that are for use at home and at work as well as for school.

When are the Back to School sales?

The Back to School sale in Australia takes place before the beginning of the new school year. The school year starts at the end of July or the beginning of August with the date set according to the state. This means that the Back to School sale is held throughout the month of August. The exact dates of the sale vary depending on the retailer, with some stores reducing prices for a whole month. We recommend keeping up to date with the website to be among the first to hear about the best Back to School deals during the month of August.

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Back to School around the globe

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Extra – Back to School

Back to school DIY

Make your Back to School kit more fun and get creative with some DIY. If you’re buying new stationery this is a great way to stick out from the crowd. Brighten up a plain pencil case with stickers, or wind some coloured tape around your pencils to give them a unique look. Here are some simple but fun ways to brighten up your stationery. This isn’t only a fun activity but it will also help stop your stationery from getting mixed up with your classmates’ things. Keep your desk at home tidy, ready for all that homework! Make a pen holder from an old can which you can paint or use stickers and glitter to turn it into a fantastic personalised creation. These ultra-cute Kawaii Pen Pots look great and are so simple to make.

Back to school bonus 2018

Although the Schoolkids Bonus was phased out in 2016, there is other financial help that parents may be eligible to receive. Each state has different schemes in place. For example, in New South Wales, your child may be eligible for the School Student Transport Scheme which offers free or discounted travel for school students. The scheme begins from Kindergarten Year 2, and runs right up to Secondary School Year 12. Students can apply for a travel pass for free travel to and from school. Queensland parents can apply for financial assistance for purchase of textbooks and learning resources. The Textbook and Resource Allowance only covers secondary school students. The other states also have their own programmes for financial assistance for parents of school children, such as Victoria’s State Schools Relief and South Australia’s School Card Scheme.

Back to school Meme

Not looking forward to going back to school? There are a lot of memes out there to express that feeling. Try this angry cat who doesn’t look happy at all about the new school year. Or how about a Dawson’s Creek meme “That feeling when summer is officially over”, one of twenty-one awesome memes about going back to school.

Memes are a great way to share your feelings about the end of the holidays and the start of a new school year. Whether you are a student, parent or even a teacher, there is a Back to School meme out there for you.

Back to school hairstyles

Get on trend for the new school year by trying some of these great Back to School hairstyles. It’s great to go for a special look for your first day back at school. Wearing two plaits isn’t very interesting, so why not try out these cute double French braids. A style like this will stay in all day long and is a great choice for school if you have long hair. If French braiding takes too long for you in the morning, try a fishtail braid. This is a great alternative to a normal ponytail or plait, and once you’ve learnt the technique, it won’t take long to get your locks looking fantastically fishy! Follow this step-by-step guide. If you have short hair there are still plenty of great Back to School styles you can wear. Try this great half up half down look for bobs and shoulder-length hair.

Back to school necklaces

Show your fashionable side with a Back to School necklace. School themed jewellery is great for marking the beginning of the new school year. How about making these cool pencil necklaces? You’ll need a few basic tools but you can make the jewellery in any design you like. It would also make a great gift for a schoolmate. Maybe you have a best buddy who’s moved to a different school this year. Buy this set of two best friends BFF glitter-filled bottle charm necklaces and you can give one to your best friend to wear and remember you at their new school. Starting at a new school can be daunting. If you are a parent one way to help your child settle in at school is to give them a locket to wear. Fill it with family photos to comfort your child at school.