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Back to School is the period when parents and students are buying stationery, school supplies, and maybe some new electronics for the upcoming scholar year. It happens usually around one month and a half before the classes start. During this period, different stores start to advertise Back to School sales. The products on sale are everything related to what may be needed during the scholar time, so you can find easily school and office supplies, clothing, and electronics.

This sales period is not specific to a region or country, it happens around the world. Because the classes start at different time period across different countries, so sales are also changing according to when classes are starting. Check it out here, what you can find for your country, or if you are curious about other parts of the globe, you can also see it.

Back to School trending shop 2018


Tesco is the most trending Back to School shop in 2017.

When is Back to School?

It depends from the region. Check the table below for different countries:

Country/Region Date
Australia January
Brazil January
France July/August
Spain July/August
UK July/August

The Countdown

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At, it is all around how to best shop on this unique worldwide sales period. We collect all information around this period for different countries, so that you do not miss anything. With the internet you can buy from anywhere you are. Thinking on that, we bring all the best offers for you from online retailers. Browse around the website, to find the best deals available to you.

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Questions around Back to School

What is Back to School?

Back to School is a sales event around products that you need for coming back to school, such as, stationery, school supplies, electronics, and uniforms. Many retailers create extra space in the store specifically for Back to School to promote their products. The start of this specials sales depends on the country, it typically starts one month and a half before the school begins. For students and parents this is the best moment to do shopping on products for the new scholar year. As there are many offers in the market, sites like is here to help you to have a better overview for your purchases.

Back to School Meaning

The term “Back to School” was created as a marketing term for the period before starting the classes in the school. The term literally means being Back to School after the long holidays and then to start a new scholar year. During this period, the retailers tend to sort out the shelves and place the discounts for all the Back to School needed supplies and items, such as pens, notebooks, textbooks, electronics, highlighters, uniforms, any of the school and office supplies that can be referred. Therefore it is very popular during this period for school kids and families to have all the school supplies sorted via Back to School shopping.

How does Back to School work?

The right question should be “how can I make Back to School work for me?”! Back to School is taking place every year, as shops want to attract shoppers to buy their school products. So stores can make significant sales during this period, but also users can find good prices. How it can work for you, you can find out best by browsing through our pages and taking a look at the shops that will actually participate. Have much fun saving!

When does Back to School start?

There is no specific answer to it. It depends on the country, but for most of them it happens in January or July/August. You can visit our individual shop sections to find out more details about every shop, when they started in 2017 and what we expect for 2018. Anyways, you should stay tuned the whole period to take the best offers.

Who has the best Back to School deals?

This question we get asked every year. You cannot answer this in general, as on the one hand deals are very different for different people (e.g. someone wants to shop a book, while the other one needs urgently some new uniforms or computer). On the other hand, retailers change their deals and how good they are every day. In general, we try to give the best overview what you can expect from different shops not only in your home country but also around the globe on these pages. Enjoy browsing!

How to prepare for Back to School?

This is an important point to think before going shopping. Usually, parents and students need to buy diverse products for the school. Therefore, the best thing to do is to prepare a list of items that are necessary and look at different stores to find the best prices. Most probably, you are going to buy different products at different stores. We are here to help you during this mission, bringing an overview of different retailers. Check now, on our website, the best retailers for your country.